About Joanna Cattanach

My name is Joanna Cattanach and I am honored to serve as a Democratic candidate for Texas House District 108. I am a native Texan, born and raised in Fort Worth before moving to central Texas.  Living in rural Texas and now metropolitan Dallas has taught me that though highways and county roads may differ, what unites us as Texans is the same. We value each other. We value our families. We value diversity.

As a former foster child, I know all too well the challenges the most vulnerable in our community face each day. I was fortunate to be adopted and raised with a family who believed sacrifice and hard work meant something. My father was a welder and rancher with an eighth grade education, but he loved reading and history and the Bible. He taught me to take a stand when it mattered.  It matters now.

Through the help of good public schools and supportive teachers, I attended Baylor University where I earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree. As a First Generation college student, I worked three jobs my senior year so I could graduate on time. Today I teach in community colleges and at the university level working with First Generation college students. We talk about the value of education, the burden of college debt, and the importance of investing in the future. Educated Texans are our future.

I am also a proud wife and mom of two wonderful boys named Gabriel and Daniel. Motherhood is such a blessing but also hard work. Parents in our community deserve our respect and workplaces should value the men and women who are raising children. Texas parents need our support from expanded health insurance, to paid maternity leave, to more affordable housing, and childcare assistance. Our families thrive in supportive communities, schools, and workplaces. Texas families deserve support.

I have used my reporting talents to write about diversity, education, and women’s issues. I spoke out against unjust detentions at DFW Airport, against sanctuary cities law that would discriminate against immigrants and burden our police force, against bathroom bills and threats to reproductive rights including access to birth control, and I lead the effort to get the Trump hotel out of downtown Dallas. Citizens and councilmembers listened. The Trump hotel has been replaced and no job was lost. We need an advocate for Texas State House District 108.

Texas House District 108 is home to the most dynamic talent in Texas. From Uptown to Downtown to East Dallas and the Park Cities, we represent the future. Our economic policies should do more to create an innovative workforce and lure business to Dallas, not turn it away with discriminatory legislation. We should pursue more public and private partnerships and invest in a diverse workforce to keep Dallas an economic leader. Big D needs dynamic leadership. I want to be the dynamic leader our state deserves.