Meet Joanna

Mom, teacher, and community advocate and leader.

My name is Joanna Cattanach, and I’m a lifelong Texan who proudly calls East Dallas home.

I was born in Fort Worth, went to school in Waco, and honed my chops as a full-time reporter in Dallas, where my family and I have made our home. We love the diversity of our district, and I’m passionate about advocating for our community as an active member of civic groups like the Geneva Heights PTA, North Dallas Chamber of Commerce, and Texas Democratic Women.

At three, my brother and I were placed into the state’s foster care system.

I know all too well the challenges faced by the most vulnerable children in our community. That’s why I’ve worked as an advocate and leader on issues that affect marginalized groups every day, from immigration to to education to public safety.

Education changed my future, and journalism shaped my values.

My father was a welder with an eighth-grade education, but he taught me to work hard and treat others with respect. After high school, I took a dirt road out of town to Baylor University, where I earned my bachelor’s in Political Science and my master’s in International Journalism. From there, I moved to Dallas to become a full-time reporter.

Since 2007, I’ve taught journalism and writing to students in the Dallas County Community College District. As an educator, I teach my students about honoring facts, honoring voices, and appreciating free speech and a free press.

Perspective matters, and our district needs a new voice and new leadership in Austin.

Leadership means being present. I’ve fought for community issues, worked in neighborhoods to increase voter turnout, and stood with your families on porch steps and at community events. I’m running for office so I can keep standing with you, because that’s what representation looks like.

Join Joanna in turning Texas House District 108 blue

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