About Joanna Cattanach

My name is Joanna Cattanach and I am honored to serve as  your Democratic nominee for Texas House District 108

I am a native Texan and was born in Fort Worth and raised in central Texas.

As a former foster child, I know all too well the challenges the most vulnerable children in our community face each day. That’s why I’ve worked as an advocate and leader on issues from immigration to women’s rights to education and public safety.

My father was a welder with an eighth grade education. He taught me the value of hard work and integrity. He told me to take a stand when it mattered.  Well, it matters now.

Through the help of good public schools and supportive teachers, I attended Baylor University where I earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree. I later moved to Dallas to fulfill my dream of becoming a reporter. Today, I teach journalism and am proud to have over a decade of classroom experience.

I am also a proud wife and mom of two wonderful boys ages 3 and 6.  

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